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FINCA’s mission is rooted in equity.

The #EquityPersonified campaign

While our mission to alleviate poverty focuses on working in the world’s least developed countries, events that have transpired in our own country over the past year forced us to reflect more broadly on social justice, equality, and equity for all. To achieve equity, we must expand our efforts to identify the individualized needs of specific populations everywhere and take action to meet those needs. And we want to invite you to join us.

The #EquityPersonified campaign aims to shift the narrative around social justice by focusing attention on the low-income and marginalized people most affected by inequity. We will mobilize and amplify messages of inclusion and seek to inspire people to join the broader, intersectional fight for racial justice by applying equitable practices and actions in their everyday lives. Now is the time to act.

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Learn more about the Ambassador Program

Our brand ambassadors play a vital role in representing our organization and motivating others in their networks to be #equitypersonified in their daily lives. They also play a major role in supporting other digital campaigns and speaking about our work and the importance of our mission and values. Together we will raise awareness and drive the ongoing movement for social justice and equity.

Our brand ambassadors get involved in a variety of ways:

  • Deliver talks (virtual or in person) to local community groups, schools, round tables, etc. about the work of FINCA and the ways in which they could help us achieve our goals
  • Raise awareness and drive engagement for FINCA and our work on various social media platforms
  • Promote and participate in our digital campaigns and other social media activities
  • Speak confidently and effectively about FINCA’s mission and vision
  • Have an online presence that represents our mission and values and promoting social justice, equality, and equity
  • Attend the ambassador orientation and onboarding video meeting
  • Possess good public speaking with excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Use your own initiative and inspire people about the work of FINCA
  • Be flexible to be called upon as needed
  • Network with new & like-minded supporters within the FINCA community
  • Take part in the ongoing movement for social justice and equity
  • Co-host with FINCA at local events and promotional activities (this is for select ambassadors and depends on your availability and location)
  • Gain exclusive access to FINCA’s virtual events and webinars
  • Engage in social media takeovers, podcasts, and giveaways (for select ambassadors)

While this program will be ongoing, ambassadors are highly encouraged to participate for at least six (6) months.

Due to the time commitment and technical tools this role requires, and before you can get trained to be a brand ambassador, there are a few requirements that ambassadors must meet:

  • Have a reliable computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Own an active Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook account
  • Have intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media platforms and creating visual and written content
  • Have some familiarity with social media monitoring programs and online group collaboration tools (examples: Twitter/IG Metrics)

You have the option to opt out at any time and for any reason. There is no contract for this program. However, we do ask that you contact us to let us know that you’d like to opt out so that we’re aware of your decision. We do have criteria for ambassadors to meet, and if these requirements are not met, there is potential to lose your ambassadorship with FINCA.

Yes, ambassadors can be removed from the program. A few reasons for removal are listed below:

  • A consistent lack of engagement on your social media platforms in promoting our brand and message
  • Displaying behavior that is harmful and goes against FINCA’s mission and values
  • If for any other reason we believe you are no longer a good fit for the program

Yes! If the feeling is mutual and we believe you are a great fit for our organization, we will formally invite you back in writing to continue your ambassadorship with us. At that point, you will be able to decide whether you would like to continue. Those who have been invited back into the program will not be required to reapply or fill out a new application.

You will be able to re-apply alongside other/new applicants if you are interested in continuing your ambassadorship with us!

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Basic requirements include: an online presence that represents FINCA’s values; attendance of the ambassador orientation session; excellent public speaking, communication and organizational skills; an initiative to inspire others about FINCA’s work; flexibility to be called upon as needed.
Technology requirements include: a reliable device; an active social media account; intermediate/advanced proficiency in social media; some familiarity with social media monitoring tools.