FINCA’s Financials & Reports
2022 Revenue and Expenses Pie Charts

FINCA International’s Annual Reports provide a historical record of our achievements for a given fiscal year. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of successes, milestones and financial performance, as well as showcase the financial and social impact of our work in an effort to alleviate poverty around the world.

IRS Form 990 and IRS Form 990-T

FINCA International, the U.S. parent of the global FINCA network, is a tax-exempt charity that files Form 990 each year with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Form 990 only requires reporting on program services conducted directly by FINCA International. As FINCA’s mission is carried out through separately-incorporated foreign subsidiaries, the revenues and expenses reported on Form 990 do not reflect the size, capacity or growth of our worldwide operations. We encourage supporters to review our consolidated financial statements (just next to or underneath the links to download our annual reports), which provide a more complete picture of our organization.

Governance & Policies