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FINCA client holds her child.

Your support today will help us create lasting solutions to end the cycle of poverty.

FINCA client holds her child.
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FINCA is pioneering sustainable solutions in the global movement to eradicate poverty.

FINCA works in some of the poorest countries in the world. We provide people access to capital and life-changing products and services to improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty.


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With your support lives are changing every day.


FINCA is Committed to Making an Impact

FINCA was founded on the radical idea that giving small loans to people in poverty has the power to transform entire communities. The idea proved to be remarkably effective. Today, FINCA provides financial services to millions around the world.

We also are taking our deep, on-the-ground experience in microfinance to build a community of social enterprises that deliver sustainable solutions. The interventions delivered by these social enterprises range from getting a woman and her family access to healthcare and proper sanitation to helping a farmer secure her property rights and get a fair price for the products she grows, and much more.

We are making a sustainable impact in helping people build a better future.

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FINCA employs women leaders in 15 developing countries around the world. Globally, women represent roughly 45% of our staff.


Rupert Scofield, 1949-2022

Rupert stands with FINCA client Juana Cano at her business in Nicaragua.

On November 27, 2022, Rupert Scofield, FINCA’s co-founder, President and CEO, passed away.

Rupert’s death is a monumental loss to FINCA and the global community. Rupert constantly worked to break the cycle of poverty through groundbreaking thinking. He helped others see beyond how things are to how they could be.

To celebrate Rupert’s life and continue to expand on his vision, we have—with blessing of his family—established the Rupert Scofield Memorial Fund.

Your donation to this special fund will ensure that FINCA continues to advance our mission to ignite human potential around the globe. To make a gift, visit the Rupert Scofield Memorial Fund webpage.

Rupert stands with FINCA client Juana Cano at her business in Nicaragua.