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You can change a life.

Support sustainable solutions that help people build their own pathway out of poverty.

The people we serve are brimming with potential — and facing serious risk.

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Smallholder Farmers

75% of people in poverty around the world depend on agriculture and natural resources for their survival.

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Families on the Margins

Women are disproportionately affected by poverty, yet frequently bear the burden of sustaining their families.

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Micro Businesses

80% of our clients earn their income through selling goods or providing services.

Our clients strive to make progress in three critical areas of their lives.

Deep personal relationships give us a unique insight into people’s real needs.

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“We have enough reliable income to meet our needs—without having to work every waking hour just to survive.”

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“We do not live in fear of falling back into hard times. We can recover from crisis—and invest in the things that help us create security and prosperity.”

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“Our children will finish secondary school and learn a high-value trade or profession. We have access to education that will help us improve our family’s life.”

Our sustainable solutions help people build their own pathway out of poverty.

We have a 40-year track record of listening, learning, and delivering.

Group of women in traditional clothing sitting and clapping.

Financial Empowerment

From small loans and secure savings accounts to financial education—we offer resources that help people grow their incomes and build ​financial stability.

Three women talking at sunset in a rural area. One woman is wearing a FINCA shirt.

Investing in Social Entrepreneurs

We invest in businesses that are creating innovative products and services designed to help marginalized people build more resilient and prosperous communities.

We measure what matters most.

FINCA tracks the indicators that prove people are making real progress.


Our Research and Data Science team is setting a new standard in meaningful impact measurement.

Development Goals

We focus on poverty, decent work and economic growth — our work drives progress across 14 of the 17 SDGs.

Panel of women speaking at a conference.

As a data-driven organization, we constantly measure our progress, work with partners, and share our insights through forums, research publications, op-eds, and an open data platform.

Individual stories of self-determination.

A global strategy rooted in the hopes and dreams of each person we serve.

Three women talking at sunset in a rural area. One woman is wearing a FINCA shirt.

“We lost everything when we fled the war in Syria. Loans from FINCA helped our family build a new life.”