Alleviating Poverty

FINCA’s financial services offer a powerful tool in the fight against poverty. See how we have helped transform people’s lives across the globe.

Poverty is a multifaceted challenge. Providing reliable and responsible financial services is part of the solution, just like providing education, health care, clean water, or access to energy.

In any country, micro and small businesses need credit to grow and generate income. This is an essential part of grass-roots economic development.

Microfinance supports self-employment when there is no option to “just get a job”

Responsible credit/loan service helps people create, manage, and improve their own livelihoods in places where jobs are scarce.

Traditional banks do not serve the “micro” loan segment or even the small business segment in developing countries, because it is too costly for them or they don’t know how to serve people working in the informal economy.

FINCA’s services offer a lifeline for many people in the countries where we work.

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