FINCA Develops Solutions to
End the Cycle of Poverty

FINCA works to end the cycle of poverty. We create lasting solutions that provide people with the capital and life-changing products and services they need to raise their standard of living.

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Our Social Enterprises Empower People
To Create Brighter Futures.

Financial Inclusion

FINCA believes that every person should have access to financial services, and we have been working to achieve this since 1984. 


Having access to energy is a huge part of helping people work their way out of poverty. 


FINCA and our partners are helping farmers build a brighter future by providing training in sustainable farming, improving supply chains, developing regional coops, and so much more.


Affordable and accessible healthcare can make all the difference to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Water & Sanitation

Access to clean and potable water can make all the difference in changing the life of a family living in poverty.


Access to education can open doors for people in poverty to work their own way up and out of poverty.

Women’s Empowerment

Empowering women is at the core of FINCA’s mission, and is evident through all that we do.

A Multidimensional
Approach to Poverty

In far too many communities around the world, people lack more than just access to financial services. Many also lack access to electricity, clean water, reliable sources of food, and more. In this way, poverty is multidimensional. Addressing just one or only a few of these shortcomings is insufficient to end the cycle of poverty.

Eradicating poverty requires a multidimensional response to help marginalized communities build a real pathway out of poverty. That is why FINCA is now creating a community of entrepreneurs and social enterprises working to address the issues of financial inclusion, clean energy, education, water and sanitation, health, agriculture, and women’s empowerment.

Driven by Research and Data Science

At FINCA we believe it is critical to know that we are delivering deep and meaningful impact to the people we serve. We start off by listening to our customers to understand their perceptions and experiences. Our data science ensures that the information we collect is accurate and indicates if and how we are improving lives. Our research also helps us respond and continuously adapt to our customers as well as create new products and services that meet their needs.

Stories of Resilience

Access to Life-Changing Products and Services Has Alleviated Poverty for Millions Around the World.

$50 a month can change a life.

By becoming a monthly donor, you create a reliable source of funds to help hardworking women and men build brighter futures for themselves, their children, and their entire communities.