What is a Non-cash Asset?

A non-cash asset contribution is a gift to a nonprofit or a charity that comes in many forms including real estate, cryptocurrency, privately held business interests, or even fine art and valuable collectibles. By donating all or part of your non-cash assets to FINCA International, you will benefit from tax deductions. Most important, your non-cash asset contribution will support our mission to alleviate global poverty and improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities worldwide. 

Appreciated non-cash assets incur capital gains tax when sold. Instead, you can reduce or even eliminate your capital gains tax on non-cash assets when you give to FINCA International. The monetary value of non-cash asset contributions can be boosted by up to 20% because of the potential to eliminate capital gains tax on appreciated assets. Ultimately, your non-cash asset contribution can have a greater impact and enable FINCA International to provide more basic needs and services, where it matters most.



Receive a fair market value charitable deduction in the tax year you give a non-cash asset (real estate, art, collectibles, etc.)


Reduce or eliminate capital gain taxes on appreciated non-cash assets


Decrease the burden of taxes on your family


Leave a lasting legacy to FINCA International


You may be able to use the asset or property you will leave to FINCA International, during your life

Additional Information

If you have are interested in making a non-cash asset contribution, we are happy to assist.

If you have made a non-cash asset contribution to FINCA, we would like to thank and recognize you for your gift. Please contact Iris Sagi at 202-971-4627 or [email protected].