FINCA Canada Creates Sustainable Solutions to Poverty

FINCA Canada’s mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that provide people with the capital and life-changing products and services they need to build a brighter future. Our vision is to create a global network of social enterprises that improves lives worldwide through sustainable solutions to poverty.

Almost 2 billion people worldwide live on less than $3 per day.

Around the world, billions of people survive on just a few dollars per day. During times of crisis, handouts are a necessary tool to help people to get through. But aid is not designed to deliver lasting change.

At FINCA Canada, we believe that the solution to poverty requires using the market to provide a hand up instead of a handout. And we see endless possibility. By listening to people in poverty and understanding their needs, we are fulfilling a wide-range of demands the market has failed to meet. Our mission-driven social enterprises are giving some of the world’s poorest communities a viable pathway to improve their lives.

Our Work

Our Social Enterprises Empower People To Create Brighter Futures.

We only support social enterprises delivering quality goods and services people need at a price they can afford. Our market-driven approach recognizes that poverty is multidimensional. No single solution can eradicate poverty on its own, so we invest in enterprises that offer interconnected, sustainable solutions. Our partners provide clean water and clean energy, affordable and accessible healthcare, high-quality and low-cost financial services, and much, much more.

FINCA Canada is Uniquely Positioned to Develop Sustainable Solutions to Poverty

As a leader in the microfinance movement for over 30 years, FINCA developed a solution to the lack of access to finance for marginalized communities. This was our first social enterprise.

Building off the success of this first model, we’re using our knowledge and experience to address other areas necessary to sustainably alleviate poverty. Today, we also are helping a new generation of social enterprises achieve scale and impact in critical sectors such as water and sanitation, energy, healthcare and many more.

Stories of Resilience

Access to Life-Changing Products and Services Has Alleviated Poverty For Millions Around the World.

Help Us Change More Lives

FINCA Canada is a catalyst for economic inclusion for the poor. With your support, we are able to help millions of hard-working people gain access to much-needed financial services and life-changing products that improve their quality of life and help them achieve their dreams.