What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is a commitment to transfer assets as part of your estate plan to support your favorite nonprofit organization while also benefiting from tax reductions. It is also referred to as legacy giving and is considered one of the best way to ensure your impact on causes you care most about for years to come, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

By making a planned gift, you become a member of our Future Makers Circle. We will recognize your membership which means that you will receive recognition in our publications and invitations to special events.

Choose a Way to Make a Legacy Gift


A planned gift can reduce your tax burden and provide lasting support to FINCA Canada for future generations.

You can make an immediate impact through planned giving by donating stock gifts. Alternatively, you may choose to honor your legacy by making a charitable bequest that helps sustain FINCA Canada’s future operations.

For more information on how to best use your investment to meet your philanthropic goals, please contact our planned giving experts.

Bond or Stock Gifts

Avoid long-term capital gains by donating appreciated stock to FINCA Canada.

Charitable Bequest

Make a lasting impact and support FINCA Canada for years to come.

Non-cash Assets

Benefit from a sizeable tax reduction by donating real estate or other assets.

Retirement Assets

Make FINCA Canada a beneficiary of your RRSP or other retirement asset.

Future Makers Circle

Our Future Makers Circle community contributes generous planned gifts to support FINCA Canada’s efforts in alleviating poverty and enabling access to basic services. As a gesture of appreciation for their planned gift, FINCA Canada provide members of the Future Makers Circle with special recognition in our annual reports as well as exclusive event invitations.

“I feel happy knowing our gift will continue to improve the lives of families in the developing world for years to come.”
Rosie Kuehne
“By giving to FINCA, we would be able to continue helping people in the community—helping them live better, healthier and happier lives—long after we are gone.”
Bernadine & Herb

Need More Information?

Our planned giving expert can answer any questions that you might have. Please enter your contact details and question below, and we will get in touch with you.