Case Studies and White Papers

First Steps: How Early Adopters Climb the Solar Energy Ladder

A white paper by FINCA International looks at how and why early adopters used entry-level solar products to make their initial steps up the energy ladder. Read now »

Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance

A report from the GIIN explores the features of frontier finance investments and features a case study of FINCA Ventures and several of its portfolio companies. Read now »

Keeping the Promise of Financial Inclusion for Women

A white paper by FINCA that shows how innovations in financial products and service delivery can be used to expand women’s financial inclusion and prove, yet again, that women are responsible, loyal customers. Read now »

Charting the Customer Journey in the Digital Age

A report by the Center for Financial Inclusion explores the stages involved in digital transformation, including a case study of FINCA Pakistan. Read now »

Fintech Innovation: Paving the Way to Financial Inclusion

A white paper by FINCA that shows how fintech innovation and financial inclusion are helping poor and low-income people overcome physical barriers in the DR Congo. Read now »

Perceived Health Benefits of Off-Grid Products: Results of an End-User Survey in Uganda

A white paper by FINCA that explores health benefits perceived by BrightLife customers using solar lanterns, solar home systems and improved cookstoves in Uganda. Read now »

Amplifyii: The Next Mile of Impact Investing for INGOs

A report by INGO Impact Investing Network provides a fresh look at the contributions of INGOs to impact investing, including a case study on FINCA Ventures and its partner, Amped Innovation. Read now »

A Changing Landscape: What the 2017 Findex Tells Us About Mobile Money, Women’s Financial Inclusion and Savings in Vulnerable Households

A white paper by FINCA International that provides insight on what the World Bank’s Global Findex Database 2017 reveals about the state of financial inclusion and the challenges ahead as we strive for a more fully inclusive world. Read now »

The Business Case for Digital Financial Services

A joint report by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Mastercard Foundation that presents elements financial institutions should consider when implementing digital finance, with examples from FINCA DR Congo. Read now »

The Economic Impact of Off-Grid Solar

A report by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) with contributions from FINCA International’s BrightLife that highlights the role of solar home systems in catalyzing economic activity, creating income and improving quality of life. Read now »

Digicel Mobile Money (MonCash), Haiti

A report by CGAP that explores the uptake of mobile money in Haiti with a focus on FINCA Haiti partner, Digicel. Read now »

Digital Access: The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa

A joint report by Mastercard Foundation and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlighting FINCA’s agency banking in the DR Congo and Zambia. Read now »

The Long Road to Branchless Banking

A report by FINCA that offers an in-depth look at experiences deploying agency banking in sub-Saharan Africa. Read now »

Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case

A report by the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) that profiles the success of FINCA’s female banking agents in the DR Congo. Read now »

Alternative Delivery Channels for Financial Inclusion

A joint report by Mastercard Foundation and BFA that looks at the opportunities and challenges for microfinance institutions like FINCA to deploy new delivery channels. Read now »

From Intentions to Outcomes: Indicators and Tools for Managing Social Performance

A joint report by FINCA and Mastercard Foundation that explores how FINCA measures its outreach to poor and financially-excluded populations. Read now »

Expanding Access to Finance through Mobile Payments

A joint report by FINCA and Mastercard Foundation that shares best practices for microfinance institutions looking to collaborate with mobile network operators (MNOs). Read now »

Over-Indebtedness in Mexico: Its Effect on Borrowers

A joint report by FINCA and the Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion (formerly the Microfinance CEO Working Group) that examines the causes of over-indebtedness by microfinance borrowers in Mexico.* Read now »

Commercializing Village Banks in Latin America

A joint report by FINCA and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) that outlines the market-based approach taken to ensure the sustainability of FINCA’s Village Banking™ in Latin America. Read now »

*FINCA served the people of Mexico from 1989 to 2016. On November 10, 2016, FINCA transferred its operations there to Te Creemos, a mission driven Mexican Microfinance Institution that shares FINCA’s commitment to providing responsible financial services to clients of all income levels.