Update: Earthquake in Ecuador

The April 16th earthquake in Ecuador has had devastating consequences to the people of the country – some hundreds have died, thousands are wounded and over 25,000 houses and 800 buildings have been destroyed. Some sources estimate losses to be around USD $3 billion.

As Ecuadoreans courageously begin to rebuild, FINCA is committed to supporting our clients most affected by the earthquake.

Our staff has been hard at work to assess the damage done to our branches and clients. Our Portoviejo branch was impacted significantly but we are working hard to service clients in this town at a neighboring branch.

In addition, FINCA wishes to alleviate the pain and suffering of our clients in the heavily impacted areas of Manabí and Esmeraldas.  We are providing a grace period until July 2016 on loan repayments for clients in the affected areas. No late-payment interest will be charged, including fees related to loan recovery efforts. We are also helping to facilitate over $200,000 in insurance payouts to those who were impacted by the earthquake. During the coming months, FINCA Ecuador staff will work with our clients to evaluate all financial options in support of meeting their loan payment obligations.

FINCA trusts that these small gestures will provide some peace of mind to the thousands of affected clients during this time of great duress.

We know the perseverance and determination of the people of Ecuador will get them through this difficult time. Though the Earthquake has damaged cities and devastated lives, the spirit of the Ecuadorian people remains undiminished. We will continue to stand with them.