Tablet-Based Lending Connects Clients to the Cloud

Tablet lending women's financial inclusion

Financial exclusion underpins most challenges faced by low-income people in underserved markets, and women are the most likely to be left out. FINCA is using tablet-based lending to reach, serve, and empower more female clients.

Using Tablets to Reach Rural Populations

In Kosovo, FINCA is the first financial institution to utilize tablets in the field. Because of cloud-based tablet software, credit officers can review loan applications and disburse funds more quickly. In fact, tablets have doubled the number of loans processed daily. For rural clients, GPS is used to pinpoint business locations, and cameras help document changes in clients’ business assets over time. According to Ardian Kastrati, CEO of FINCA Kosovo, these efficiencies decrease costs, increase productivity, and grow the number of clients served.

We want to put technology into our DNA. FINCA is taking an active role and helping to shape the market. We do this to serve as many clients as we can so they have access to finance and can improve their lives.

From Digital Field Automation to Agricultural Lending

The use of tablets to deliver financial service innovation is not limited to Kosovo. In Guatemala, where 82 percent of loan clients are women, FINCA is using digital field automation, including data intake on tablets, to streamline loan processes. And the list goes on in many FINCA subsidiaries around the world. The use of tablets shortens loan processing times, reduces operational costs, and improves accuracy and security to bring financial services to even more people in need.