FINCA Launches Medical Insurance for Women and Children in Guatemala

For many of the entrepreneurs FINCA supports, saving for medical expenses is an important goal for the family. But what happens when accessing basic health care is a challenge?

Many poor Guatemalans cannot access health care for themselves and their families. Although healthcare is guaranteed to every citizen by the country’s constitution, public hospitals and clinics are severely underfunded and private clinics are hard to reach or expensive. Guatemalans also face many health problems, with a high prevalence of chronic malnutrition and maternal and child mortality.

In response to this collapsing health system in the country, FINCA Guatemala has launched a medical consultation insurance program for our Village Banking™ clients. Clients can choose between an individual or family plan that covers general medicine, pediatrics and gynecology services.

Launched in November 2016, the program has since expanded to all 29 branches across the country. Thanks to FINCA’s new insurance product, close to 20,000 clients and their family members are now able to access health care services, giving more poor Guatemalans the tools they need to live healthier and brighter lives.