How One Handbag Is Doing a World of Good for Girls

Recently, Jane Keltner de Valle, Fashion Director of Glamour Magazine, traveled with designer Rebecca Minkoff and actress Jessica Alba to Guatemala to visit FINCA clients in the country. Minkoff and Alba were sourcing textiles from women who hand-weave intricate fabrics to support their families. Crossing the Guatemalan landscape of volcanoes, lakes and small villages, Keltner de Valle discovers the importance of supporting low-income women.

“Empowering these women makes a difference,”

writes Keltner de Valle. “In Guatemala, girls traditionally stop attending school at around 10 years of age to help take care of their younger siblings, while their brothers continue to receive an education. However, as more and more women become financially independent through small businesses like those we’re visiting, they not only help pull their communities out of poverty, but they also force cultures to acknowledge the power of their female citizens.”

Minkoff and Alba will be launching the RxMHonest bag line, which uses textiles hand-woven by FINCA female entrepreneurs in Guatemala. Proceeds from the sales of the bag will help support FINCA’s work of empowering hardworking, low-income people around the world to expand their businesses, take part in the economy and generate income for their families.

Photo by Rebecca Minkoff

“We’re entrepreneurs, so that passion comes from a very real place for both of us,” says Alba. “Rebecca and I know firsthand how difficult it is to start a company and stay in business. To not have any resources on top of that? FINCA gives these people an opportunity.”

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