Building a Future for Refugee Children

Najla, Smiling in Front of Her School

Najla Abu Aweidh is making a difference in her own community. She teaches children from a nearby refugee camp in Jerash, Jordan.

“These are not just my students,” she says. “They are my children.”

A long-time kindergarten teacher, she was determined to start her own school. She established the Model River Science School and rented a space in a building near the refugee camp. But she needed funds to maintain the school.

“When I heard about FINCA, I immediately went to take a loan. The loan has helped me so much,” she says.

With a loan of 3,000 JOD (USD 4,223), Najla was able to add additional school classes from the first grade to tenth grade. She also equipped the school with computers and laboratories. Today, Najla has 28 employees and is educating hundreds of refugee children.

I want to thank FINCA because it provided assistance to me and met all my needs.