Drew Boshell

Executive Director

Drew Boshell

As Executive Director, Drew Boshell is responsible for the successful leadership of the institution in accordance with the strategic direction set by the Board. He has overall strategic and operational responsibility for FINCA Canada’s staff, financial performance, program development and expansion, and execution of FINCA Canada’s mission.

He has over 20 years of experience as a senior global development executive delivering high social impact programs including global health, poverty reduction, community development, education, youth development and environmental initiatives in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe. His deep knowledge of current and future challenges that can impact the revenue streams and programmatic focus of international development programs, and his successful track record in developing and stewarding multiple partnerships have resulted in significant programmatic growth and impact in the organizations he has worked for.

Prior to joining FINCA Canada, Drew worked as a Senior VP, Health and Sports at Special Olympics International. Previous positions he has held include: Director, Community Development/Conservation with Forest Solutions in Malaysia; Global Director for ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital; and Country Director (Mongolia, Namibia, Malaysia) for Raleigh International in UK.

Drew graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science/Animal Biology/Human Physiology degree and the University of Queensland with a Master of Development Planning degree.  He has taken extensive training in strategic management leadership; organizational effectiveness; program management and evaluation; project management, board development and governance, and media training including crisis management and conflict resolution in the workplace. He speaks fluent English, intermediate French, basic Spanish and beginner Bahasa Melayu, Vietnamese.

In his free time, Drew has volunteered as a medical assistant and as a suicide prevention counselor.