Madan Sara Film (2021)

The Madan Sara film – a documentary conceived, directed, and produced by Etant Dupain—demonstrates the impact of FINCA’s programming in Haiti for women working as “Madan Sara” in the informal economy. The documentary amplifies their calls as they speak directly to society to share their dreams for a more just Haiti.

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More About Madan Sara

Many of FINCA Haiti’s clients are women known as Madan Sara. The Madan Sara work diligently to buy, distribute and sell food and other essentials in street markets throughout Haiti. These women are matriarchs of the Haitian economy and provide relentless support to their families and communities. They do this all despite working in a sector that lacks adequate investment, infrastructure and state assistance. These women micro-entrepreneurs connect goods from farmers in the mountains to consumers in the city. They work communally, sharing the profits and shielding one another from the dangers of political unrest and social oppression, as well as extortion, rape and theft.

Each year, FINCA Haiti provides financial services to 20,000 Madan Sara. FINCA International, in partnership with Mr. Dupain, seeks to amplify the voices of the women who represent the very core of Haitian identity—a country whose spirit is synonymous with sacrifice and love.

FINCA has partnered with filmmaker Etant Dupain on his new film Madan Sara, featuring FINCA credit officer Magine Saint Louis. Magine tirelessly works to ensure women in Haiti keep their businesses running throughout this pandemic.

Please join us to amplify the voices of women at the heart of Haiti’s informal economy.

-Rupert Scofield, CEO and President, FINCA International

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If you are interested in hosting a private screening please contact RJ Cheremond at [email protected].