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Community solutions to poverty—on a global scale.

FINCA connects people with solutions to unleash their potential and thrive.

Our clients around the world tell us they seek improved livelihoods, resilience against future shocks, and access to education for themselves and their children. FINCA is supporting their pathway out of poverty through financial empowerment and impact investing.  

We enable small and micro-business owners and farmers with scarce resources to receive financing to grow their enterprises. Our partners provide education, healthcare, and other critical services for families on the margin. 

As we’ve always known, investing in women is good business. FINCA empowers women—who are routinely denied opportunity—to access the resources they need to keep food on their tables, pay for their children’s education, and pursue their aspirations.

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Financial Empowerment

Personal loans, savings, training and coaching to build prosperous communities.

We have never lost sight of the incredible impact small loans and basic financial education can have in helping someone break the grip of poverty. Our concept of microfinance has evolved into a global network that is transforming lives in more than a dozen low-income countries.

Today, FINCA is leading the integration of technology towards responsible microfinance. Through digital empowerment, we are expanding our services to reach underserved communities, including people living in remote corners of the world.

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Investing in social enterprises that help marginalized people thrive.

We make catalytic investments in entrepreneurs who prioritize social impact over profit. Their companies provide solutions that can improve agricultural revenues for farmers, increase financial savings for families, or enable access to education for children.

We’ve proven that investing in small, entrepreneurial companies can have a transformational impact—on the lives of their customers, their employees, and the communities they serve.

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Deep, personal understanding informs every aspect of our work.

Measuring impact is fundamental to our work. We use open platforms and cutting-edge technology to capture and analyze millions of data points on customer needs.

Personal relationships with our clients give us direct insights into the effectiveness of solutions that help them cope with challenges like climate change or healthcare crises. Our impact data reflects how real people assess progress on their journey to break out of poverty.


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Stories of personal triumph.

Hear from our clients around the world.

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“We have a small farm and could not afford to keep our children in school. Today we work hard to make sure our grandchildren will have the best education possible.”