Proud Landlord

Victoria Banda is 36 years old, but she did not finish primary or secondary school. She is now the main income earner for her household, including her parents and two sisters. She used her first loan of $20 to expand food sales through her storefront. Over the years, she has managed to continually grow and improve her business, now operated out of a store in front of her home, expand the family house and even acquire a rental property. In the meantime, her younger sister was able to complete college with Victoria’s financial support.

Asked if FINCA helped her, she replied enthusiastically, “Yes.” She then spoke about how slowly she was able to build up her business and that her role in her family has grown along with her business. As a single person without children, she transformed herself into what she described as the “pillar” of her family, supporting her mother and close relatives when they are in need.

Asked if she could have envisioned this over ten years ago when she started with FINCA, she said “Definitely not.I’m a landlord now! Can you imagine?” Her e nergy and determination combined with FINCA loans allowed her to improve her home, help her younger sister through college and acquire other property that provides her rental income.