Emergency Medical Care Covered

My name is Ana Huayta and I’ve been a FINCA client in Quito, Ecuador, for about 15 years. Not long ago, my son Mateo was playing soccer with his cousins ​​and, unfortunately, broke his leg. In that moment, I was desperate because I didn’t know how I would pay the hospital because I had no money. I went to a clinic near my home and asked if they could give Mateo the care he needed, and told them about my husband’s insurance. Unfortunately, they told me that they didn’t take that type of insurance, but then I remembered I had received insurance coverage as part of my FINCA loan. I told the nurse I had this insurance and they assisted me immediately.

Once we returned home, I called the FINCA Health Services Call Center to find out more about what the policy would cover. The woman told me that I had $500 coverage for all medical expenses due to accident. I can’t explain how that information calmed me. I don’t know how I would have paid for the medical services without the FINCA insurance because we don’t have money for these kind of emergencies.

I really thank FINCA for giving us such excellent health services, and we hope that FINCA continues providing these benefits which help us enormously.