FINCA Gave Me Hope

Yvrose had a little grocery shop she started with her husband. But they lost everything in the devastating 2010 earthquake. Rebuilding from scratch seemed impossible without access to credit. Anything they earned went to feed and care for their two young children and there wasn’t any money left to invest in their business.

Then one day Yvrose was talking about their struggles and her neighbor told her about FINCA. Yvrose thought it was probably a long shot but, willing to do anything to make a better life for her kids, she applied for a loan.

“It was a nice surprise when FINCA decided to accord me faith. It was the first time I was managing a loan, but thanks to the support of my credit agent I did it well.”

she says now.

Yvrose repaid her first loan in full and took out a second to further invest in rebuilding her family’s business and secure their livelihood. She started putting away some savings, too.

Her two children are in school now, and together with her husband, she’s working hard to give them the best she can. “We hope they will finish with school and go to university in order to have an important profession,” Yvrose says.