Omer Imtiazuddin

Managing Director, FINCA Ventures

Omer Imtiazuddin

Managing Director of FINCA Ventures

Omer Imtiazuddin supports FINCA Ventures‘ investment pipeline, strategy, and fundraising as the Managing Director at FINCA.

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial and impact investing sectors, Omer’s past work involved investing in and managing companies, building public private partnerships and structuring innovative financial solutions for development. He was previously a Senior Advisor for Innovative Finance at USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact, leading the Global Health Bureau’s work in Innovative Finance. Prior to this he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Yunus Social Business, an impact investment fund, piloting a new Blended Finance product called the Social Success Note in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation to provide clean water to over 2 million children in Uganda. Before that he was a Senior Advisor at Grand Challenges Canada, a $225 million Canadian government-funded public health program, where he headed their platforms for Scaling Up and Financial Innovation and served as Chair of their Investment Committee. He was also the Public Health Portfolio Manager for Acumen, a social venture capital fund where he was jointly responsible for committed capital of $100 million and served on the boards of seven portfolio companies. Prior to joining Acumen, Omer worked at the IFC in the Grassroots Business Fund leading their Youth and Informal Enterprise initiative. He also has experience in private equity as one of five investment professionals managing Barnard & Co., a $2 billion venture capital fund. He has also worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley.

Omer has advised on several task forces for public health and impact investing, lectured at business schools in Wharton, Duke and MIT, and been quoted in national media, including the Financial Times.

Omer received his BA from Yale University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.