Client Protection

Many lenders are motivated solely by profit and have little regard for client welfare.

FINCA is different.

We focus on income-generating small businesses to alleviate poverty. We have strict internal standards and policies to ensure that clients do not become over-indebted and are treated fairly and ethically. This is part of FINCA’s heritage and mission.

We also operate revenue-generating businesses that provide goods or services intended to achieve positive social, economic and/or environmental outcomes consistent with FINCA’s mission objectives.

Smart Campaign: Responsible Banking

FINCA is a founding member of the Smart Campaign, a global initiative promoting the adoption of client protection standards in the microfinance industry.What's SMART Campaign

In 2014, Kyrgyzstan became the first FINCA subsidiary to receive formal Client Protection Certification by the Smart Campaign. Since then, other FINCA subsidiaries have achieved certification, including Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Financial Literacy

Globally, 66% of adults, or approximately 3.5 billion people, are financially illiterate. This means that they are at risk of exploitation. Our commitment to clients extends to a commitment to offer education along with our products and services.

FINCA Kyrgyzstan is one of several subsidiaries working to address this among their clients and the general public. Staff are teaching clients:

  • how to efficiently manage financial resources.
  • how to keep track of household expenses.
  • the importance of savings.

Over the past three years, FINCA Kyrgyzstan has reached more than 20,000 banked and unbanked people with in-person trainings, workshops, textbooks and publications on financial concepts.

Financial literacy initiatives at FINCA Kyrgyzstan
Financial literacy initiatives at FINCA Kyrgyzstan