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FINCA is responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)Learn More

Global COVID-19 Survey Report: Insights for Financial Inclusion

24 Feb 2021Insights

The FINCA & SPTF COVID-19 survey presents findings from the eight participating organizations around the world and the impact the pandemic had on FINCA’s clients. Learn more.

Case Study: Supporting the Sustainability of Agent Networks with Hapa Cash by Kuunda Digital

23 Feb 2021Insights

This case study illustrates how the Hapa Cash Overdraft tool helps customers engage successfully with digital finance services. Learn more.


Case Study: Modernizing the Customer Experience Through Communications Technology

27 Aug 2020Insights

This Salutat case study examines how FINCA Guatemala is meeting the demands of the new digital customer.


Case Study: Women’s Empowerment through Financial Inclusion Technology

31 Jul 2020Insights

This case study from Deetken Impact highlights how FINCA is empowering women in Haiti by providing access to mobile technology.

Case Study: BrightLife Inventory Management Workflow

18 Jun 2020Insights

Thanks to a partnership with Solaris Off-Grid, BrightLife has increased the efficiency of its inventory management processes. Learn more in this video case study.


Case Study: Growing Digital Financial Inclusion in Zambia

4 Dec 2019Insights

This report from Mastercard Foundation and UNCDF shows how MM4P has been used by FINCA Zambia to increase digital financial inclusion. Read the case study.


A Tale of Two Sisters: Microfinance Institutions and PAYGo Solar

21 Nov 2019Insights

This CGAP paper traces the journey of two microfinance organizations, Baobab and FINCA, working with “sister” PAYGo solar subsidiaries in Africa.


First Steps: How Early Adopters Climb the Solar Energy Ladder

8 Oct 2019Insights

This research from FINCA International looks at how and why early adopters used entry-level solar products to make their initial steps up the energy ladder.


Report: Unlocking the Potential of Frontier Finance

10 Sep 2019Insights

This GIIN report explores the features of frontier finance investments and features a case study of FINCA Ventures and several of its portfolio companies.

FINCA Kosovo Client Shadije Asllani

Keeping the Promise of Financial Inclusion for Women

22 Jul 2019Insights

FINCA is innovating in financial product and service delivery to expand women’s financial inclusion, proving that women are responsible, loyal customers.

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