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Gunter and Anni Rosendahl

Making the Most of Corporate Matching Gifts

23 Jun 2021Blog

Let’s all take a moment to wish Gunter Rosendahl a happy 87th birthday by following in his philanthropic footsteps and making the most of corporate matching gifts! Like many FINCA…

Woman at Village Bank meeting in St Marc, Haiti.

The Urgency for Women’s Economic Recovery

22 Jun 2021Blog

COVID-19 has ravaged society on a global scale. There is a clear urgency for women’s economic recovery. Read above what is being done.


World Refugee Day: The Importance of Celebrating Refugees

18 Jun 2021Blog

This World Refugee Day, learn how FINCA celebrates and empowers refugees to achieve their goals, today and everyday. Read more.

Social Enterprise Podcast Logo

The Socent Podcast: Rupert Scofield Hosts Andrea Demichelis, Elliot for Water

11 Jun 2021Blog

Andrea Demichelis of Elliot for Water joins host Rupert Scofield to chat about his company’s unique model in supporting safe water projects around the world.

FINCA Ventures: Impact Investing in the Agricultural Sector

11 Jun 2021Blog

Leveraging a strong combination of tech and touch, Meridia is transforming the way that land mapping and titling gets done across sub-Saharan Africa.


Vaccines Are Here, But What About There?

21 May 2021Blog

The disparity in COVID-19 vaccine access around the world means we must continue to be vigilant and creative in serving our customers.

A BrightLife client adjusts the solar light on her solar home system.

International Day of Light: Celebrating Progress

14 May 2021Blog

This International Day of Light, learn about the importance of light in sustainable development and helping people out of poverty. Read more.

Social Enterprise Podcast Logo

The Socent Podcast: Rupert Scofield Hosts Matt Jordan, Our Gorongosa

11 May 2021Blog

FINCA President and CEO Rupert Scofield hosts Matthew Jordan of Our Gorongosa to chat about conservation and sustainable development in Africa.

FINCA research and data science tools

Opinion: The Future of Successful Research and Data Science

8 May 2021Blog

The world of research and data science is being transformed by big data. Read Anahit Tevosyan’s opinion on where the field is headed.

A woman from a village bank in Haiti counts her money

A Working Definition of Microcredit, Microloans & More

23 Apr 2021Blog

Though similar, the definition of microcredit, microfinancing, microloans and microlending have subtle but important differences. Learn why.


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