De stagiaire à PDG : L’histoire d’un dirigeant de FINCA

Chris Kizza was once an intern, assisting FINCA’s loan officers in Malawi as they helped clients receive loans, make payments and build their businesses.

Today, over a decade later, Chris is the CEO of FINCA Malawi.

Chris’s transformational story is not unlike many of the leaders in FINCA’s network. In fact, FINCA is committed to build a new generation of local leaders, like Chris. These local leaders develop the services and tools that will help millions of hard-working entrepreneurs to improve their lives and their communities.

Already, Chris has led FINCA Malawi to obtain a banking license, enabling thousands of unbanked Malawians to open a savings account to safeguard their income for the future.

“The Chris Kizza story is a FINCA story,” says Samson Mwalungila, the marketing manager at FINCA Malawi, “which is bringing opportunity to everyone.”