What is FINCA’s Impact?

FINCA’s programs and investments impact millions of lives in dozens of countries globally.

Our work leads to improved lives by expanding financial inclusion, building new livelihoods and helping people achieve personal aspirations.

This leads to transformed communities, including stronger local markets, poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.

FINCA’s Clients

Many of our clients have seen their lives improve thanks to responsible financial services. Microfinance gives FINCA clients access to credit and savings, and opens up a world of new opportunities. Innovations and technologies, like fintech, are making finance more affordable and convenient for low-income families and communities. The results of FINCA’s microfinance work are transparently published online.

FINCA brings its clients additional benefits by pairing access to finance with access to basic services. This is accomplished through programs and investments that support the rise of social enterprises increasing access to energy, water and sanitation, education, health and agriculture.


Sustainable Development Goals

FINCA supports and works to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Combined, FINCA programs and investments directly and indirectly contribute to 15 of 17 SDGs: