Mother’s Day: Three Mothers to Inspire You

Mother’s Day falls on May 14, 2023. On this day and on every day, FINCA celebrates the mothers we serve. Below are stories of three women who are especially inspirational. These women have dedicated themselves to provide a brighter future for their children. One in which their daughters and sons can learn, grow and succeed.

If their stories inspire you, please make a gift in your mother’s honor to support FINCA’s on-going work.

Mariam Mutesi, Saving for Her Children’s Future

Mariam is one of a growing number of FINCA clients who doesn’t want a loan. She came to us because simply a safe, convenient and inexpensive place to save her money. And she also knows that she needs help saving. Something that FINCA provides in the form of savings “coaches.”

Mariam opened her savings account with FINCA in December. “I had been wanting to save for years but couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a place to save, and I didn’t have Justine [my savings coach at FINCA] encouraging me.”

“I own a piece of property in the village that I’m from. I want to construct rental units on the property. The first round of construction will cost about $2000. My goal is to save $40 per month. In a good month, I can save $60.”

“I know that it will take me many, many years to put aside the money that I need.” But Mariam is committed to her plan. A mother of three, including one-year old Ariana shown the picture, Mariam wants to secure their future.

Aminah Nanyombi, an Inspiration on Mother’s Day

Aminah Nanyombi packages milk for sale to a customer. On Mother's Day and most other days, Aminah is hard at work providing for her children.
Years ago, Ugandan Aminah Nanyombi struggled to pay for her children’s education. Today, with the help of FINCA loans, she happily balances working at her milk shop and sending her four children to school.

In Nsambya, a suburb of Uganda’s capital city, 29-year-old Aminah happily balances working at her milk shop and taking care of her four children. Many years ago, Aminah was not able to send her children to school or afford them regular, nutritious meals. Aiming to provide a better life for her children, Aminah invested her first FINCA loan to start a milk selling business at one of the big markets in her town. Today, her children attend a school regularly and her family eats healthily. With the profits from her growing business, Aminah was able to buy two plots of land and build a house for her family.

Vicenta Zaput Palax, Weaving a Future for Her Children

Vicenta weaving textiles. On Mother's Day and most other days, Vincenta is hard at work providing for her children.
FINCA Guatemala Client Vicenta weaving textiles.

Vicenta has seven children and feels proud that her weaving business helps support her children’s education. She heard about FINCA through a neighbor in her village, and along with several others formed a Village Banking group to support her weaving business. Now Vicenta dreams of sending her children to college and opening her own craft store in the future. By saving money and receiving loans from FINCA, Vicenta has been able to purchase more materials and expand her weaving business to give her children a better life.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in May 2017. We have updated it with new client stories.