Nurturing Dreams with FINCA

Aliniyaz Aliyev is a 68-year-old farmer and pensioner from the Imishli region whose journey with FINCA Azerbaijan began in 2010. Despite age-related challenges, Aliyev found purpose in farming, aligning with his capabilities and supporting his family of four.

In recent years, Azerbaijan’s economy has seen tremendous growth, but this growth hasn’t been felt by all. More than one-third of Azerbaijanis are employed in agriculture, yet the sector accounts for a small portion of the country’s economy. At the same time, over half of the poor population in Azerbaijan live in rural areas, and face poor infrastructure and unreliable drinking water, gas and electricity supply. By working in an undervalued industry and without access to reliable infrastructure, the rural communities of Azerbaijan have little opportunity to better their living conditions.

However, during his collaboration with FINCA, Aliyev achieved significant milestones—expanding his home, celebrating his children’s marriages, and providing a car for his son. FINCA played a crucial role in turning these dreams into reality. Passionate about his work, Aliyev emphasizes the importance of nurturing the soil for a fruitful harvest. His farm has become a lifeline, meeting the family’s needs and fostering self-sufficiency.

Driven by a deep desire to secure his children’s future, Aliyev works tirelessly, envisioning further growth in his business and cattle and expresses a hopeful wish to continue working with FINCA.