Martin Luther King Jr. Day: How FINCA Stands Against Racial Injustice

On the third Monday of January every year, we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This day commemorates and honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s significant contributions to demanding racial equality for African Americans and social justice for all. It officially became a federal holiday in 1986, although it was not observed in all states until the year 2000. This historic holiday serves as a day of remembrance for the life and legacy of Dr. King.

In addition to reflecting on Dr. King’s contributions to American history, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is also commemorated as a “Day of Service.”  This designation aligns with the community-building ideals of Dr. King. It was established to raise awareness, mobilize volunteers and give people the opportunity to serve and build new connections. The MLK Day of Service is intended to inspire, strengthen communities, bridge barriers, create solutions to social issues and bring us closer to Dr. King’s dream.

Countering Racial Inequality

For more than 35 years, FINCA has been devoted to providing sustainable growth and financial services for disadvantaged communities. One of the ways FINCA tackles social injustices is to break down economic barriers that hold women and other marginalized people trapped in poverty and prolong inequalities in some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world. Customers can receive loans and other economic services regardless of their ethnic background or social status.

To challenge the unequal practices against people of color in our society, FINCA employs a variety of internal diversity and inclusion initiatives. This includes providing a space for Black employees to educate and share their personal experiences with staff, addressing unconscious bias in the workplace, strengthening our recruiting and acquisition of people of color and incorporating professional development practices to retain top talent of diverse backgrounds. These efforts are part of a wider strategy that aims to dismantle racial discrimination and create a more inclusive workplace.

Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Individuals are often encouraged to observe this day not simply as a day off from work, but also as a “Day of Service” to others through relevant civic, community, and service projects.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day offers an opportunity to help the movement safely, through action and reflection. Here are three ways you can observe this notable holiday:

  1. Discover Dr. King’s full history and legacy. Take a more in-depth look at Dr. King’s achievements. Read his works and watch the video of Dr. King delivering his famous “I Have A Dream” speech to learn more about his activism and courage.
  2. Support the movement for racial and social justice. Make the holiday more than just a day off. Spend time learning about civil rights and the challenges facing communities of color and find ways to show your support. Dr. King and his predecessors have done a great deal to advance civil rights, but more work is still needed. Start a dialogue and discuss racial discrimination with your friends, family and coworkers. Through active and engaging conversation, we educate each other, share experiences and work to build a brighter future.
  3. Make it an ON day, not a day off. The MLK Day of Service inspires thousands of Americans to come together to serve their community. Volunteers distribute meals, refurbish schools and community centers, and collect food and clothing. Organizations also recruit mentors, assist jobseekers, build homes, and provide other services for vulnerable families. Visit to find Day of Service projects across the country.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on January 18, 2021. We have since updated it for accuracy of facts and content and republished January 12, 2024.