Digging Into Data to Help People Out of Poverty

Over time, great strides have been made in financial inclusion, yet global poverty remains a persistent problem — one that FINCA intends to solve through even closer collaboration with the people and communities we serve. With the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and support from the Clifford Chance Foundation, FINCA has taken steps to revamp our IT infrastructure to enable more powerful data analysis. Next, we want to turn this outwards to create an open-source platform that will accelerate innovation for the industry.

FINCA has expanded our support to include innovative solutions that empower people to achieve their full human and economic potential, such as text-based tutoring for school children, more profitable farming practices, and clean solar energy for homes and businesses. Across this growing range of interventions, data technology will create new opportunities to measure and strengthen our impact.

Technology eliminates the distance between FINCA and the people we serve, unleashing the power of data to break the cycle of poverty.