Advancing Equality and Human Rights through Financial Inclusion

Every December 10, the world celebrates Human Rights Day—the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The principles of equality and non-discrimination are at the heart of human rights.

Building financial inclusion into the process of developing equality is a key component of FINCA’s mission. FINCA works to reduce poverty around the world, putting financial empowerment at the core of solving inequality. We aspire toward a human rights-based economy by providing individuals who have been historically sidelined by the financial industry with increased access to financial services.

Providing Equality of Access to Financial Services

FINCA offers services including small business loans, savings, insurance, and mobile banking that benefit underserved populations. These services empower families and communities to build small businesses of their own, achieve employment, income and economic independence in their communities on their own terms.

COVID-19 interrupted lives and businesses, but FINCA clients demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. In Haiti, for example, FINCA’s clients have stepped into entrepreneurial leadership roles to better advance their communities in the post-pandemic world. Clients like Kerlande and Annesse (pictured), who are providing hope through their school in a poor and neglected neighborhood of Gonaives. Using FINCA loans, they built classrooms and invested in equipment, adding a new class every year.

Rebuilding Equality Post-Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, the school with 30 staff and more than 600 children from kindergarten through tenth grade, faced closures and layoffs. But, focused on their mission to advance the basic human right of education in Haiti, Kerlande and Annesse worked diligently to put safety measures in place to ensure that students could return to school and continue learning. Staff also safely returned to work, allowing them to support their families and equip Haitian children with the tools they need for their future success.

FINCA remains committed to empowering people in underserved communities to ensure that they have equal access to the opportunities and resources necessary to improve lives and livelihoods.