FINCA’s Financials & Reports

2022 Revenue and Expenses Pie Charts

FINCA’s Annual Reports provide a historical record of our achievements for a given fiscal year. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of successes, milestones and financial performance, as well as showcase the financial and social impact of our work in an effort to alleviate poverty around the world.

2022 Revenue and Expenses Pie Charts

FINCA UK Financial Statements

FINCA UK is a part of the global FINCA network. The network includes program offices in 20 developing countries worldwide and fundraising and public outreach offices in the USA, UK, and Canada. We share expertise, revenues, and expenses to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the greatest impact for every dollar we invest.

FINCA UK’s Financial Statements can be found by visiting FINCA UK’s page on the Charity Commission for England and Wales. These financials reflect FINCA UK’s contributions to the overall network.