A Woman Who Won’t Give up

Joyce Mandevu, a hardworking mother living in Malawi’s Salima Lake District, first joined a FINCA Village Bank in 2005 after the death of her husband.

With no income of her own, Joyce, along with her two teen-aged children and her elderly parents, faced a bleak future of hunger and homelessness. Determined to protect her family, Joyce took out a loan of $121 and started a small used clothing business.

Thanks to that FINCA loan, and incredible hard work, Joyce built a thriving business. Not only was she able to feed her family and send her kids to school, she was also able to put aside some money to further her dream of building a home with electricity and running water.

Then disaster struck. Joyce became seriously ill and was forced to close her tiny business and deplete her savings on medical care. But that’s not where Joyce’s story ends

Joyce was welcomed back into her FINCA Village Banking Group when she recovered from her illness. Looking to develop a more profitable business, Joyce used her new loan to start a business selling a variety of locally-produced beverages, which are very popular in Malawi’s heat and humidity.

Having built a loyal customer base, Joyce’s new business is thriving. Not only is she able to care for her children and her parents, she is once again saving to build her dream home.

At heart, Joyce’s story is one of overcoming extraordinary hardships, while never losing hope, and always remaining determined, resourceful, and devoted above all to her family’s well-being.

But really, that’s every FINCA client’s story as well!