Ceramic Business for Life

When Rosa León Martínez first came to FINCA, she and her young children were struggling to get by.  Rosa owned a small ceramic business, but, without the necessary capital, was unable to make a profit and get ahead.  Despite the quality of her wares, any money Rosa made would go immediately towards supporting her family; Rosa was trapped in the cycle of poverty not because of laziness, but rather because no one would lend her a helping hand.

Now, 14 years after taking her first loan from FINCA, Rosa’s business is steadily growing.  A series of small loans has given Rosa the means to buy materials in bulk and expand the variety of her wares, increasing profits and establishing her business as the first stop for gifts for weddings, birthdays, and any other sort of special occasion.  Rosa appreciates and trusts her relationship with FINCA, saying,

“It’s been a long time. I think that’s why I feel good about it and I don’t want to part ways.”