Let There Be Light!

When Molly Namatovu first heard about solar lanterns in her community near Masaka, she knew she had to have one.

One evening several years ago, she stepped out to run an errand. Since it was dark, she carefully lit a kerosene lamp for her grandchildren and left. When she returned, she found them asleep on the floor around the lamp. A cold fear struck her heart: She had heard of homes-and lives-being lost from unattended kerosene lamps, and she knew it was a risk she was not will­ ing to take again. Since the switch to solar, Molly couldn’t be happier. She no longer worries about her family’s safety, and she is pleased with the other benefits it has brought. Before installing solar power, Molly spent a large portion of her income on kerosene and cell phone charging. Now, she no longer misses important calls, she saves on fuel and phone charging costs, and her family’s respiratory and eye health has improved. She has also been able to increase her weekly savings rate.

Molly was among the first recipients of a solar lantern from FINCA, and she has become a strong champion for clean energy. She talks often of the benefits of solar, but all she needs to do is flick a switch for people see what a difference it can make!

FINCA is working to distribute life-enhancing products, focusing our efforts first on clean energy, then developing models that subsidiaries across the FINCA network can replicate. Read more about the initiative here »

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