Armen and the Chocolate Factory

Since his early childhood, Armen dreamed of producing his own chocolates. His dream later became a reality. In 1989, together with two friends who shared his passion, he established and became the proud owner of his own chocolate factory in Armenia.

Having no professional background in cooking or confectionery, Armen enriched his knowledge of chocolate production through self-education. He read books on confectionery, participated in a number of local and international workshops, and in seminars on chocolate production technology and confectionery. Armen was constantly experimenting with new recipes until he found just the right one to start his chocolate production business.

However, everything did not go smoothly in the beginning. Armen’s startup business faced a number of obstacles and challenges. No machinery, lack of employees, handmade production in rather small volumes. In 2010, Armen’s cooperation with FINCA became an important step towards the birth and sustainable growth of his chocolate factory. Armen and his friends moved forward with full force in the race to their biggest dream, and at the end, their hard work and dedication won.

Today, Armen together with his dedicated team of about 10 people never ceases in continuously surprising his clients with his chocolate confectionery masterpieces. With his most recent loan Armen plans to expand his chocolate opserations and widen the range of chocolate products he offers, to chocolate-filled biscuits. He plans to purchase more raw materials to enhance the flavor of his products, and he intends to later on produce raw chocolate that can allow clients to create chocolate creams and cakes. Apart from working throughout Armenia, Armen also exports his chocolate products to Georgia. He aims to start exporting his chocolates to the Russian Federation in the near future.

Armen’s wife, who is also his muse and main critic, always encourages him to continuously improve the production and delight of chocolate that every customer would crave. Armen always takes a creative approach to chocolate design, hence successfully distinguishing his product in the market. For this Valentine’s Day, Armen has designed chocolates in the shape of hearts to honor the holiday spirit of love. And for Easter, Armen will make another thematic design—chocolate eggs and rabbits.

“I am so proud for my cooperation with FINCA! Every single dollar borrowed has served its purpose and helped me drive my chocolate factory to its next stage of development. I highly value the top quality service and fast, individual approach I find every time I visit FINCA.”