Share Why FINCA Canada Inspires You!

With your support, FINCA Canada works to lift people out of poverty by providing lasting solutions that help people – women in particular – develop assets, create jobs, and raise their standards of living. Building economic resilience to lessen the impact of climate change and food security is a call to action. According to the World Food Program, we are facing an unprecedented global food crisis, with 828 million people facing hunger with 2/3rds being women.

You can help! Share why you chose to give to FINCA Canada with others in your community.

Tracey, a student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, is moved by FINCA’s focus on helping women create economic independence. Using this inspiration, she started a FINCA Canada campus club, where she shares our work with faculty and students.

Like Tracey, you can have a powerful impact. Consider inspiring others to action by doing the following:

  • Share this post with 2 friends and tell them why you made the personal decision to support FINCA’s programs
  • Get your workplace involved, consider employee match programs or corporate giving options
  • Ask your service club or religious community to host a FINCA lunch and learn
  • Share an online success story that resonates with you on your social media
  • Host a fundraising event in support of FINCA’s work
  • If you are a student like Tracey, build a presence on your campus by creating a club or special event

By sharing why you chose to partner with us, you will inspire others and help prevent people from falling back into extreme poverty.

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