Rose’s Entrepreneurial Journey Through Microfinancing

Say hello to Rose Syncia JB Rousseau!

Rose Syncia JB Rousseau, better known as Rose, is the CEO of Syn’s production, a local Haitian company transforming Haitian fruits, nuts, and cereals into delicious delicacies. Dynamic and ambitious, Rose pushes her brand beyond Haiti’s frontiers and has chosen FINCA as her partner in this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

How FINCA has helped Rose

Rose used the small loans, savings plans, insurance and money transfers from FINCA to get her business off the ground – these are just some of the microfinancing services FINCA provides to help grow businesses.

FINCA helps empower individuals economically and socially by allowing them to better manage their lives. Today, Rose’s jam, liquor, chocolate and other traditional treats are a staple item on supermarket shelves across the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

Being empowered by FINCA

Rose first heard about FINCA from a friend when she received an order for her product for a tradeshow in Taiwan. Rose was short of stock and supplies and unable to fulfill the order. She urgently needed funds for raw materials and turned to FINCA for help.

Not only did Rose receive the funds to fulfill her most substantial contract on time, but she was invited as a guest speaker of FINCA’s Mache Kontre – a networking initiative created to provide a platform for female entrepreneurs that other girls and women can look up to. This is what she had to say about FINCA:

All I heard about FINCA was true. I appreciated how the staff provided the information I needed to decide on which product was best for me. And then becoming a guest and promoting my company at FINCA’s office has brought me additional income at a time when sales in the supermarkets have decreased; I even received two wholesale orders from other FINCA clients. This is really a wonderful place to be.

FINCA’s promise to #empowerHER

For over 30 years FINCA has kept to the same simple idea: If everyone is provided with the opportunity to be included in the economy and gain access to the resources needed to be productive, people’s lives would improve and communities would be stronger.

Through FINCA’s focus on viable opportunities for women, financial inclusion and education, wonderful individuals like Rose can take their small business ideas to the next level and succeed, providing a greater standard of living for their families and communities. FINCA’s dedication to providing micro-financial services has resulted in serving over 2 million clients in over 20 countries worldwide.

What does the future hold for Rose?

What started as a hobby for Rose became a business in the most unexpected way.

This money FINCA gave me is all back in my pocket and can be used to increase my production and sell more in the international market. Syn’s is going to be a legacy to my children, to the next generation. It’s going to be one of the Haitian brands people talk proudly about. I am so fortunate I got the right partner for this long journey.

FINCA loans are made possible through partnerships and donations by generous donors.

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