Perceived Health Benefits of Off-Grid Products: Ugandan End-User Survey Results

This research explores the health benefits that were perceived by FINCA International’s BrightLifecustomers using solar lanterns, solar home systems and improved cookstoves in Uganda. A mixed-methods study combined the input of 50 focus group participants, 782 randomly selected respondents and 70 follow-up interviews.

While a variety of themes were explored, such as productivity and energy expenditure, the most frequently cited benefits were those related to family health. Some health impacts have been mentioned in other studies, such as improved vision and respiratory health. Others, however, were new, including sleeping better at night and deterrence of pests. Customers were aware of these benefits, and these perceptions can be powerful motivators for adoption and usage of the products we studied.

The research study and report were led by Scott Graham and Anahit Tevoysan of FINCA International’s research team.

Executive Summary

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