New Horizons for FINCA Canada

FINCA Canada was thrilled to be Horizon Travel and Lifestyle magazine’s March cover story–just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day. Horizon is a travel and lifestyle magazine distributed throughout Canada and the United States. It shares exciting travel destinations and attractions; however, the magazine also regularly features a story about organizations that are supporting international development and social justice.

FINCA Canada ambassador Chloe Wilde represented FINCA Canada. She shared her reasons for supporting FINCA Canada and the important work FINCA Canada is doing by “allowing women to no longer be bystanders of their life due to societies’ roadblocks or economic challenges.”

This is the second time FINCA has been featured on the cover of Horizon. We asked Horizon’s Executive Editor Holly Cambruzzi about her choice to include FINCA Canada.

This is the second time FINCA has had the opportunity to be featured in Horizon. Tell me about that decision.

I love working with our nonprofit partners and their celebrity ambassadors. Organizations like FINCA Canada are doing life-changing work and it really is an honour to be able to provide a platform to help share their message and increase their visibility. Many of these causes are very personal to their founders — so much so that these individuals have dedicated their lives to their missions. When you see that type of passion and commitment, it’s impossible not to be inspired. These groups are changing the world; I just want to help tell their story.

Is there something about FINCA that resonates with you?

Last year we received a lot of positive feedback. It was clear our readers and our social media community resonate with the work you are doing.

So this year, when we decided to dedicate our March issue to International Women’s Day, we knew we wanted to see FINCA on the cover. Not only was it important that we feature a strong female celebrity ambassador, we also wanted to shine a spotlight on a nonprofit that empowers women — FINCA was the perfect choice. On a personal level, I find it very rewarding to promote a cause that is equalizing opportunities for women around the world.

Initially, our readers will be drawn to your ambassador, Chloe Wilde, as she is a familiar face and a respected local celebrity. Once they read her eloquent interview about FINCA and discover how access to the right financial tools can change a woman’s life and transform her family’s future, there’s no doubt they will want to learn more. Chloe does an impeccable job at capturing the heart of what FINCA does. I think our readers will read about Chloe’s experiences and want to get involved.

What do you hope your readers will take away from the piece?

We hope the interview will open our readers’ eyes to the power of financial inclusion. Providing women and other marginalized individuals in the developing world access to basic financial tools and opportunities can help them escape poverty and live better lives. When you donate to FINCA Canada, you not only are helping one individual, you are helping their family…you are helping a whole community.