FINCA Helps Women Overcome the Triple Burden in Developing Countries

Feb 23, 2022
FINCA Helps Women Overcome the Triple Burden in Developing Countries

Women’s work in developing countries

Women often carry three important responsibilities known as the triple burden. In many cases they are responsible for unpaid work within the family household, supporting initiatives in the community, while also often juggling low-income jobs. In addition to this triple burden, gender stereotypes, biases and unequal wages further prohibit women from progressing in their careers and providing for their families.

FINCA introduces ‘JUST FOR HER’ loans

Nene Pongo Nzila, one of FINCA’s first clients, received the life-changing JUSTEpourELLE (Just for Her) loan at a time when she was struggling to balance her triple burden of responsibilities.

Nene is a mother of three and works two jobs to provide for her family. One job, selling beans in DRC’s capital, Kinshasa, was slowly picking up when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her business and her customer base.

FINCA DRC launched the JUSTEpourELLE loan in 2021 on International Women’s Day. This was a life-changing moment for Nene and her family. The loan offers reduced interest rates and a longer grace period to repay, allowing Nene to double her loan and get enough capital to personally travel to Uganda to purchase her inventory. Here she could negotiate prices, get a reduction from the suppliers, and check the quality of her items.

In her own words:

My sales have increased, and my repayments are going well. I was also able to buy a car, thanks to six months of increased profits.

Dreams do come true

Nene has experienced first-hand how support from FINCA can help women who are struggling to meet their financial needs. She is a proud ambassador for FINCA and continues to share their products and services with her fellow Congolese women.

FINCA loans are made possible through partnerships and donations by generous donors.

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