FINCA DR Congo Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

May 11th, 2018 marked the day that FINCA DR Congo (DRC), a partner of FINCA Canada, proudly celebrated its 15th anniversary of providing socially responsible financial services to low-income entrepreneurs of the Democratic Republic of Congo and their communities.

For the occasion, Mamie Kalonda, CEO of FINCA DRC—accompanied by Andrée Simon, President & CEO of FINCA Impact Finance and Mike Gama-Lobo, Vice President and Regional Director for Africa—held a press conference at the Beatrice Hotel in Kinshasa where she dedicated the anniversary to all the clients and entrepreneurs who have made FINCA DRC the success story it is today.

The FINCA DRC delegation visiting the Nyangara orphanage.

FINCA DR Congo Path to Growth

FINCA DRC now has a network of 21 branches with over 650 staff, and more than 1,400 FINCA Express banking agents. The organization has grown from 5,000 clients in 2003 to more than 340,000 loyal clients in 2018, of whom 55% are women. For the 15th anniversary of FINCA DRC, Mamie told the press the following:

This remarkable growth is worth celebrating. Our 15th anniversary is the appropriate moment to express our gratitude to all for the continued support of our actions in the field. We are confident that the collaboration and bond that exists between us and our clientele will help the microfinance sector reach greater standards and recognition.

Using Digital Financial Services to Expand Financial Inclusion

FINCA Canada has been working with FINCA DRC to improve the economic prosperity of low-income individuals, particularly women, in the DRC. With funding from Global Affairs Canada, this partnership is contributing significantly to FINCA DRC’s capacity to serve its clients, notably through the expansion of its digital financial services. Through the implementation of market research studies and training opportunities for both internal and external stakeholders, FINCA DRC will also improve its ability to understand the needs of clients—with a special emphasis on women—to offer a range of products and services that meet the needs of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), reaching even more financially excluded individuals in the DRC.

Yvette Bayo, an interior decorator, first became a FINCA DRC client when she opened a savings account. Since then, she has saved enough to purchase more supplies to expand her business.

In honour of the celebration, Simon, Kalonda, and fellow FINCA DRC leaders organized an outing to the Nyangara orphanage, located in the Ngiri-Ngiri community, where they donated a large collection of food, toys, clothing, and bedding supplies. The kids and staff were thrilled to meet them.

Celebrations continued into the evening at the Beatrice Hotel where FINCA staff, along with prominent figures of the community, gathered to recognize FINCA DRC’s achievements and perseverance. Today, FINCA DRC is a leader in the DRC’s efforts to improve financial inclusion, develop the private sector, and create jobs in the country.

FINCA Canada is proud to be working with FINCA DRC on expanding financial inclusion to low-income Congolese women and men, and is looking forward to seeing the impact of the project in coming years.