FINCA Canada Helps Every #breadwinHER to #EmbraceEquity for International Women’s Day

FINCA Canada collaborated with Centennial College post-grad PR students to create the #breadwinHER podcast series leading up to International Women’s Day. The three episodes of the #breadwinHER podcast explain how microfinance and financial inclusion empower women breadwinners in developing nations, specifically the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Guatemala, to survive and thrive during tough economic times.

Representatives from FINCA Canada, the DRC, and Guatemala shared experiences and thoughts on how women breadwinners have embraced equity and attained financial health. Each episode shares their stories of perseverance and success as independent businesswomen.

The guest speaker for the first episode is Drew Boshell, the Executive Director of FINCA Canada. He believes that investing in women breadwinners is important because these women prioritize their family and community and are more likely to invest in healthcare and education versus their male counterparts. This is what he had to say:

Our female clients have the determination and commitment to succeed as entrepreneurs but often lack the opportunity. FINCA helps overcome these barriers by empowering women with a small loan and business advice to make their dream a reality.

The second episode features the difficulties facing the primary breadwinners in the DRC. Mirela Pekmezi, the Chief Executive Officer of FINCA DRC, shared a client’s powerful story:

She began borrowing with FINCA 20 years ago and received an $80 loan. Now she has grown her business successfully and recently secured a $20,000 loan to build rental apartments. It’s amazing that it all started with $80.

The third episode focuses on Guatemalan women’s challenges and how microfinance can empower women and strengthen communities. This episode features FINCA Guatemala’s Marketing Manager, Rodrigo Macalpin, who sheds light on how the village banking system works and how women in Guatemala are the glue that keeps their families steady and secure.

The podcast serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and tenacity of women breadwinners, and their perseverance in the face of adversity. FINCA aspires to create a more inclusive and equitable world by sharing these uplifting, inspirational success stories from women around the world.

The #breadwinHER podcast series is now available on Spotify.