FINCA Canada Emergency Response Fund: Supporting the Crisis in Haiti

On Saturday August 14, 2021, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 rocked the impoverished country of Haiti, killing many and inflicting extensive damage. Some are still unaccounted for. And just days after, Tropical storm Grace swept over Haiti with pouring rains, adding to the despair of thousands who lost loved ones, suffered injuries or found themselves homeless.

We have confirmed that although all FINCA staff survived, a few sustained injuries, some lost family members, and many of their homes were damaged. We are also reaching out individually to each of our 5,000+ clients in the affected regions where the earthquake occurred to determine their situations and how we can help.

Though it will be some time before we can fully assess the full impact of this disaster, we have launched the FINCA Canada Emergency Response Fund: Crisis in Haiti with the goal of raising $50,000 immediately. These funds will help in the relief and recovery efforts for our FINCA Haiti staff, clients, and their families during this crisis. Every dollar contributed to this Emergency Response Fund will be matched with four additional dollars from the Government of Canada.

We are determined to do everything possible to support the Haitian people through this newest, terrible crisis. The people of Haiti have always met the toughest of challenges—from previous earthquakes and hurricanes to the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrests and political violence, including this summer’s presidential assassination—with courage and determination. We are hopeful that they will also persevere through this current crisis.

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Thank you for your support.