FINCA Azerbaijan Certified in Client Protection

FINCA Azerbaijan has earned a Client Protection Certification from the Smart Campaign. This official recognition reflects FINCA’s deep commitment to high ethical standards in the treatment of our clients. Through this achievement FINCA joins an exclusive group of 28 certified financial institutions worldwide.

“A strong commitment to responsible banking and a focus on the long-term well-being of our clients are embedded in FINCA’s mission and throughout our operations. We have adopted strict internal standards and policies to help ensure that clients do not become over-indebted and that they are always treated fairly and ethically,” said Tim Tarrant, CEO of FINCA Azerbaijan.

When adhering to Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles, FINCA seeks to ensure that:

  • Our products are designed carefully to meet the needs of our clients in a way that do not cause them any harm,
  • Clients do not borrow more money than what they can repay,
  • Our clients fully understand pricing as well as terms and conditions so they can make informed decisions,
  • Our clients are treated fairly and respectfully particularly during debt collection processes,
  • Our client data remains private,
  • Our clients have ways to communicate complaints so we can resolve problems and serve them better.

FINCA Azerbaijan is the second FINCA subsidiary to obtain Smart Campaign Certification.

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