Dunstan Morey: Creating Economic Pathways Through Monthly Giving

monthly giving

When Dunstan Morey, a musician from Toronto, first learned about microfinance, he knew supporting it was a no-brainer. The father of four strongly believes in the empowerment of the poor through increasing economic opportunities.

The whole economic model just makes sense.

“You are loaning money to get people started in a small business,” Dunstan told us. “That’s going to benefit them personally and benefit the local economy. It’s going to benefit us all globally because it will take the pressure off international communities the more self-sustaining that people become.”

Dunstan understands the importance of philanthropy and has passed along his philanthropic interests to his children, especially his daughter who works in international humanitarian aid.

Nine years ago, Dunstan decided to deepen his commitment to FINCA by becoming a monthly donor. He chooses to regularly support FINCA because he knows it is important to have “some awareness of what’s going on in the world” and to provide “stable funding” for important organizations like FINCA.

Thank you, Dunstan, for your continued support to improve so many lives!

By becoming a monthly donor to FINCA, you, like Dunstan, can create a reliable source of funds that promotes and sustains economic opportunities for poor families each year. A small monthly gift can have enormous impact over time. If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, click here.