A Partnership Between FINCA and Sisu Global to Save Lives in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues to cause tremendous loss of innocent lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. There is a global plea to support the people of Ukraine in these difficult times. In response, FINCA is partnering with Sisu Global to help deliver Hemafuse, a lifesaving medical device, to Ukraine. To date, the first shipment of 500 Hemafuse devices is in the hands of medical personnel on the frontlines to save lives in Ukraine, but more is needed.

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Hemafuse is the flagship product of Sisu Global, a FINCA Ventures investee. It enables a surgeon to capture and reuse a trauma patient’s own blood. This product has been saving lives in Africa and other parts of the world, where there is a shortage of donated blood. Due to the war, donated blood is in short supply in Ukraine. Hemafuse can be a lifesaving solution for many trauma patients there.

As a matter of fact, medical research indicates that recycling a patient’s own blood reduces the likelihood of complications. Another added benefit is the shortened wait time to perform surgery. A single use of the Hemafuse device can salvage up to three units of blood, which saves the equivalent amount in donor blood for other patients. This helps free up resources and brings down costs when donor blood is in short supply.

Sisu Global designed Hemafuse to solve the core challenge of the global donor blood shortage. In Africa, it is distributed through Amref, the continent’s largest health development NGO.

The campaign aims to send a second shipment of Hemafuse units to Ukraine soon.

For more information on how to get involved and save lives in Ukraine, visit our campaign to save Ukrainian lives and provide access to blood.