5 Ways to Give this Holiday Season

women empowerment

The season of giving is here! As generous supporters of FINCA, we know that you are dedicated to fighting global poverty every year.  But do you know all the ways you can help increase access to financial services and life-changing products for those living in poverty?  As 2018 draws to a close, please consider the many ways you can make a difference by supporting FINCA’s work in 20 countries.

1. Make a donation…and it will be matched

There are so many women and men living in poverty who strive to achieve a good life for themselves and their families. Yet, they lack the opportunity to invest in their own hard work or to create healthier households. That’s where your support can make a difference. By giving the marginalized access to credit or access to clean energy products for their home, you are helping build a brighter tomorrow for them, their children and future generations. And this holiday season, thanks to a special 3-to-1 Matching Gift courtesy of the Government of Canada, your donation can go either further with four times the impact!

2. Give a meaningful gift to a loved one

Struggling to come up with a suitable present for a family member or friend? Why not try something different this year? Honor your loved ones by making a tribute gift in their name to FINCA. Simply visit our Gift Catalog, select one of the symbolic gift options and tell us in whose honor the gift is being made.

3. Make a lasting contribution with a monthly gift

By becoming a monthly donor to FINCA, you can create a reliable source of funds that promotes and sustains economic opportunities for poor families each year. A small monthly gift can have an enormous impact over time. If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, visit FINCACanada.org/sustain.

4. Give your shares of stock to FINCA

Consider a gift to FINCA of stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Any securities you’ve owned for twelve months or longer, whose value has increased, are subject to capital gains tax when sold. By giving these securities to FINCA, you receive a charitable deduction for their full fair market value and you avoid tax on the capital gain.

5. Create a legacy

You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett to create a meaningful philanthropic legacy. Make a planned gift that will support poor families for generations to come. By including FINCA in your will or estate plan, you can help transform lives by providing the world’s poorest a path to a better life.