Bwalya Chanda and Her Story of Financial Inclusion

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Fatima Mohammad Mussah

Bwalya Chanda

After Bwalya Chanda’s parents died when she was a child, she and her two sisters moved in with their grandparents. Bwalya had to drop out of school because her grandparents could not afford it. Instead, she learned sewing and tailoring, so she could work to support the family of five.

Eventually, Bwalya set up her own boutique, selling her striking designs. To expand her business, Bwalya joined FINCA’s Signs and Wonders Village Bank and received her first loan of $80. “I was very happy because the loan allowed me to buy more supplies that are helping my business,” she said. Now, she is confident that she can keep growing her business with future loans and she is saving up to buy another sewing machine. Bwalya Chanda is proud of her success, which is making life better every day for her family.

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