Two Microfinance Clients from Jordan Honored for their Success

Jordan Citi Award

In early April, Alia Ahmad Hdeab and Saleh Mohammad Rayan, two FINCA Jordan clients, were honored with Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards for their successful efforts in growing their businesses.

Since 2013, Alia Ahmad Hdeab has been running a small restaurant in Jordan. She sells food items such as pastries and pickles to provide for her children and parents. However, in 2016 she decided to expand her business. With the help of a FINCA loan, Alia purchased new a freezer and other new equipment for her restaurant. These improvements have enabled Alia to significantly increase her restaurant profits. With more income, she has been able to pay for new furniture for her home and for her children’s education.

When Saleh Mohammad Rayan first started his handmade soap business in 2004, he was only able to produce four different types of soaps. In 2015, Saleh took out a FINCA loan with the goal of expanding his soap business. Since then, he has added new types of soaps to his inventory, purchased specialized equipment and has even begun to start exporting his products abroad. Most importantly, he has improved his family members’ lives and secured a better education for his children.